Friday, June 29, 2012

New Projects!


Kind of a Hurricane Press is looking for a few good writers for its new ventures . . .

Backlit Barbell, our first multi-author anthology is open for submissions of poetry with the theme of health/fitness/exercise.  For details check out our anthologies page.
Pyrokinection, our inaugural poetry journal and Jellyfish Whispers, our nature-themed poetry journal have been up and running and receiving some excellent work.  But we always welcome more.  Check out their guideline pages for more specifics:
And now two new poetry journals are joining the Kind of a Hurricane family!!
Napalm And Novocain celebrates the emotional aftermath of a romantic break-up.  While The Mind[less] Muse celebrates the fun side of experimental poetry.  For the minutia on submitting for these new projects, check out their respective guidelines pages:
We look forward to seeing your work!!


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